Book review- What I know for Sure (Oprah Winfrey)


Oprah Gail Winfrey is surely the star with the hallow behind her head. The book however, isn’t as extraordinary as she is.

Given that, this is a collection of the column “what I know for sure” that she has been writing in the “O” magazine for 18 years, it is understandable why the content gets a bit repetitive at times.

Surely, there is a lot of guaranteed advice that she gives on any topic ranging from career, courage, community, self -care and parenthood, even politics—but there is nothing very new about what she tells.

As a person who has gone through a lot of self-help books, sometimes it is a curse because you already know what the “quote” is going to be.

Adding to that, is a long candid story every time leading up to the main punchline- “what I know for sure, is…”

The experiences she shared are majorly not relatable. Her life, though was once ordinary and simple, isn’t anymore the same. No matter how much she wants us to connect, our simple pleasures and aha moments doesn’t match hers.

I listened to the audio book on Storytel.

Another mistake probably. I have never been a crazy fan of hers, and yes, to me, her overly expressive storytelling was intimidating sometimes. I might anger a fan of hers maybe, but no shame in admitting sometimes she shouted a lot, and sometimes whispered a lot. Both of which were disturbing for a non-fiction audiobook.

But maybe you should try it, because:

  • The audio book is read by Oprah herself (in case she ever inspired you)
  • There is advice on every possible topic you can think of
  • It’s a short read

Have you read this book? What books would you like a review on? Let’s talk books!

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