Top 5 Non-fiction Books to read during Lockdown (TBR 2020)


If you are a book lover and a sucker for non-fiction genres, I know you might have gorged on several such great books already during this lockdown. But if you are confused about what to read next, here I am, with my top 5 non fiction book suggestions for you. All of the books have been chosen keeping the current scenario in mind, and how to make the healthiest and productive way out of this pandemic.

You can buy physical books from Amazon, or e-books from any website your use. I am hooked to audio books from Storytel, so here’s presenting my top 5 of 2020 TBR Pile.

1. Everything is f*cked, A book about hopeMark Manson

Trust me, this is the best book you can get your hands on during this period of anxiety, where we all are struggling with hopelessness. The author is known to call out the truth without an icing, and that honestly helps.

2. IkigaiAlbert Lieberman & Hector Garcia

What better way to utilize this infinite time we have to discover our Ikigai than now? If you don’t know yet, this is an ancient Japanese method of discovering your life’s purpose, so that you can lead a life you never need to retire from. Basically, a road to life long happiness!

3. You can heal your LifeLouise Hay

We complain about a lot in life- job, emotional pain, physical pain, chronic diseases, but hey, did you know all that is self-created? And the good news is that you can heal from that without any external medication, or just a random life hack. Read this amazing book by L.Hay and maybe this book will change your life too.

4. Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert

You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to call yourself a creative being, it is rather a way of life. Every job we do can be performed with the most creative passion if wanted. But yes, if you are into creative fields, this will help you to soar above all your blocks, your shame and insecurities as a creator.

5. Deep WorkCal Newport

The internet is literally controlling our lives, and only we can take back the remote controls and rather use the net in a wiser way. This book is perfect to let you have the extra hours we all dream of, to get anything that we have been meaning to, but think don’t have time for.

Keep reading & expanding. Let me know your suggestions too.

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