Humanize the ex.

  We are all just human beings. Every single one of us. And I think when love clouds over our conscious minds, we lose that realization. The moment our brains (heart actually) identifies one person as likable, we believe that the person has a halo above his head, a godly shadow, and an aura of... Continue Reading →

What sunsets remind us of

I love sunsets. There is something really special and magical about them—something that makes you feel like you can ALMOST touch, taste and see happiness. For me, it is not a mourning for the end of a day, but the joy of living it. For me, it is a reminder, especially as I write it... Continue Reading →

Nano tales #4

It is always the sound of the calm that I look for. The fear knows no path. I’ve never been this unsettled or uncalled from within. A smoke keeps churning upwards, spiraling through the guts of my existence at this shallow passage of unstable memories. A memory to forget. A memory to forgive. For the... Continue Reading →

Love your haters

This world is full of people who lovingly help you in your work. How amazing is that! Don't believe me? There are so many wonderful people in the world who take on the huge job of hating your body, mind, soul, and criticizing every word you say, every action you take. There are too many... Continue Reading →

Nano tales #3

The purpose of life is to know how happiness looks like. The silhouette of happiness doesn't look the same all over. It changes with every different angle, every perspective.  

Nano tales #2

A truth is like a diamond polished and sharpened with every narration or remembrance. Every angle has got a new perspective every corner a new twist. No absolute truth exists. People change positions, their ideas change.  

Nano tales #1

A peaceful beach I stand on, the wind in my hair, my hair blocks the view, I move them with my left hand while adjusting my skirt that is now flowing, flowing with the wind, gasping for the water that is touching my feet and swiftly stroking the sand underneath me. The sound of the... Continue Reading →


Trust is like a deep inhale right into the lungs, and an exhale that gets rid of all the anxiety and what could haves. Trust is a taste of fresh steaming hot cup of tea, that soothes you down internally and calms your nerves and muscles externally. Trust doesn’t come easy. Learning to trust is... Continue Reading →

The unrequited love

Papers littered all over the room, Some on my bed, some on the coffee table. They talk to the wind that gushes in once in a while they tell the wind how sad they’ve been; Lying down, neglected, uncalled for. They plead to be taken away by him, into the unknown darkness of the window... Continue Reading →

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