Wishing Machine

     “Happy Birthday, have a blast and party hard! “  “HBD, party kab dega bro? “ (When’s the party?)  “Happy bday, love you to the moon and back, cheers to our friendship, blessed to have a bitch like you, love ýa loads……………… “   We have all sent and also received these birthday wishes... Continue Reading →


If love is freedom

If love is freedom, self-love are the wings to fly. Self love is not selfish, it is a necessity. As much as we live for our families and our friends or for our romantic partners, we deserve to feel the same purpose of life towards ourselves too. Often, we forget how important it is to... Continue Reading →

For the love of writing..

This year, let us celebrate the month of love with some love for ourselves. The self love series is on already. Links to the first and second posts of the series are down below. Check them out and give your feedback which will really mean a lot to me. Post 1 Post 2   ANNOUNCEMENT:... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Tend

This is probably going to be a self-love series. The month of love doing rounds online and offline, what better time to start loving yourself!   There is a huge difference between who we want to be and who we tend to be. Because dreams and reality aren’t the same. And no, before you blame... Continue Reading →

How to provide yourself therapy

One negative thought. A little disbelief in the good hope that was still a trembling sapling within your heart. And, you have successfully attracted it all. All the worst negative thoughts that string onto it and come along,unending. The nightmares you say you never asked for. But you did , actually, in half-awakening, in half-hopes,... Continue Reading →

Please suggest!

Hello, I am about to take a huge step forward in my blogging journey, and what better place to ask for suggestions! I have decided on starting a new blog site and the genre will be History. Essentially, being a proud Indian, I want to start off with exploring Indian History first, and then move... Continue Reading →

Cut To The Feeling.

    Life is too unpredictable to make resolutions and try to stand by them,miserably fail and then complain about it. Life is anything but the stagnant shadow of a huge tree standing at the side of the road for ages and ages. And if life is such, people and opportunities are even fewer, even... Continue Reading →


    For every single time I fall in love, there are (n+1) times I fall out of love. The person whom I adored so much once and was surrounded by his thoughts whole day long; it didn’t take me even few months to feel nothing for him. No, I did not hate him for... Continue Reading →

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