Emotional is not foolish

There is nothing wrong with being an emotional person, to be sensitive, to be openly vulnerable and yet strong. I wonder why the word emotional fool is used; it is an insult to someone for having a heart? Are you serious? Aren’t the emotions something that distinguishes us humans from the other living organisms? The... Continue Reading →



Gratitude. Love. Giving. These are not words, these are gestures, Waiting to be unfolded, discovered by people. Waiting to make humans humane. Let us forget the cruelty of the world. All that we have been deprived of, Surrender let us to the teacher of love, To the madness of magic, For there is magic in... Continue Reading →


Does serendipity really exist? Has it ever happened to you? Do you trust to live your life out of mere serendipity? Let me tell you my personal take on it. While others would want to trust that luck, chance, fluke exists and that is what makes the magic happen in your life suddenly, I believe... Continue Reading →

Final call.

This is it. I have decided. It is a final decision. I do not need any more time to think, to reassess. It is the calling and I must respond to it on time, otherwise my idea might find someone more open and willing to accept and collaborate with her. This is what churns me,... Continue Reading →

The secret to uniqueness

Creating your own identity. The biggest fear of any individual is not being unique. It resides among everyone, specifically speaking of creative creators, but what is the real deal with uniqueness? I fear what I might write on this blog might not be a unique or new topic for readers to jump upon. This took... Continue Reading →

Nothing to lose.

What do you fear to lose if you have nothing to lose really? Why is early twenties the best time to jump into the ocean of risk and opportunities? We have all read the story of a rich man and a poor man. It goes something like this. The poor man who had nothing slept... Continue Reading →

Dear you…

We all need an escape. An escape that bathes our soul in the essence of love, life and peace. Just like we love to bathe our bodies in the lavender-flavored body wash, our soul too demands a place to breathe.   A walk by the sunny beach, reading and sipping coffee by the morning balcony,... Continue Reading →

Music brings the world together

I was just randomly watching some mash-up of the best songs all over the world. And I realized, music is something we often consume so mindlessly. But when I started to watch the videos of the mash-up too,and got really invested in the audio and the visuals, I realized the words and the music ,... Continue Reading →


I think having a creative soul mate is the biggest fulfillment of one’s life. It is entirely a personal opinion, because I consider myself to be a creative mind. I may not be able to have produced wonderful art (of any form ) yet, but I thoroughly enjoy the process and the feeling of getting... Continue Reading →

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