Starter guide to minimalism (#2)

  If you are a person just being introduced to Minimalism, here are few basic tips to get you started.  1. Why you want it? Your personal reason should be clear to you before you start this journey. Be it mere curiosity, or tiredness from consumerism, or things not working out well .. whatever caused... Continue Reading →


Is minimalism worth the hype? (#1)

One millennial term that has been doing rounds is minimalism. But often the term gets so misunderstood and misinterpreted. Minimalism never means shunning out all luxuries and having to live a sage life. Minimalism is not sacrifice. It is the need of the hour because in this world of so much technological and advances of... Continue Reading →

Let me remind you..

The heart has secrets. The smile, it hides.   Hope is a dangerous chronic illness. It keeps you up on nights sleepless, and makes you bleed in ignorance.   You gotta drift away from the path in merry or sorrow, But life is gonna make sure you come back to where you deserve to die... Continue Reading →

My social media detox week

This is something you have come across a lot, every time you scroll down Instagram or Facebook (yes, the irony), and yet you consciously ignore it every time. We all know staying away from all social media would benefit us, still we can ‘t risk it and do it.   But then, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Living your dreams

There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. In fact, some of the greatest dreams come true in amazing ways you’d never expect. Dreams are what keeps us going. But also, this life we are living right now, is in itself a dream coming true. How? It is your old dream that lead you to living... Continue Reading →

Catching up..

Self-care practices for the creatives:  Don't pressure yourself into creating because of the social media pressure only. Remember to rest your thoughts and brain and allow it to recharge as often as required. Don't compare your work/artistic achievements with anyone else, you are on your own journey. Wisest words by Nikita Gill (rightly the poet... Continue Reading →

The power of hydration

The present millennial is obsessed with self-care and self-love, and some jargon are often thrown at us to just make us feel all included in the scene. One such over obsessed reminder is “Drink 8 glasses of water each day”. Yes, I know, every video you watch or every blog you look up to for... Continue Reading →

What’s your excuse?

Diary entry is a personal process and you can keep it just to yourself. But blogging is a public platform where you decide to show everyone what you wrote. The major part of bloggers blog because it is their way of income, sole or one of the ways. They normally write about some important genres,... Continue Reading →

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