The power of hydration

The present millennial is obsessed with self-care and self-love, and some jargon are often thrown at us to just make us feel all included in the scene. One such over obsessed reminder is “Drink 8 glasses of water each day”. Yes, I know, every video you watch or every blog you look up to for... Continue Reading →


What’s your excuse?

Diary entry is a personal process and you can keep it just to yourself. But blogging is a public platform where you decide to show everyone what you wrote. The major part of bloggers blog because it is their way of income, sole or one of the ways. They normally write about some important genres,... Continue Reading →

I need your help.

Welcome to my blog. Of late, I have been wondering if the niche of my blog is what I really want to convey my readers, or is there something more to it. Some of you appreciate me for every post, for which I am really grateful, but it would be kind of you to also... Continue Reading →

Interrupting your pattern

Human minds are designed to stay within a comfort carton. We feel safe and protected from the continuously evolving world that way. But what we fail to recognize is the beauty of change. Leaving aside beauty, it is the basic requirement for survival. Basically, evolution wants every living being to change and adapt continuously in... Continue Reading →

You are responsible

Taking responsibility is one of the earliest chapters that they should have taught at school. I bet you half of your unhappiness or non fulfillment would have disappeared with just one choice, responsible.   Whatever happens to you or related to you, or things you have to deal with; you need to realize you are... Continue Reading →


I was a naive lover. 'Was' would be a wrong tense. I am a naive in all matters of the heart. Be it expressing feelings towards my family, friends or even myself, I suck at it all. And as I staggered through multiple failing, and abusive and non-existant romantic associations, I often wondered how would... Continue Reading →

Years are relative..

Growing up happens to us so unconsciously. From our birth till we are 2-3 years of age, it flies like a bird. Memory-less. Then we step into the most joyful time of our lives. The school life. But how unaware we swim through those 12 years and suddenly one morning, its time to bid goodbye... Continue Reading →

We don’t write anymore.

Do you remember that day, in the eighth or ninth grade, when you wrote your first diary? It was a diary that you bought after you were enthralled by your friend’s narrative of how it feels to maintain a ‘ personal ‘ diary. Or maybe it was a diary that you found empty, lies on your... Continue Reading →

Welcome onboard!

Thank you everyone for joining me on WordPress. A warm welcome to all the new followers on this blog and hello to all those who have been with me for some time now. I started off this blog just as a personal account, a journey to simply document my thoughts in an organised way rather... Continue Reading →

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