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Love & Logic

As I lay in the undercurrent of a loss, I wondered looking sideways, facing away from the stained walls of my room, and ignoring the strong sunshine, looking through it as if it didn’t matter; “Is this really the turning point of my life? The moment after which I never saw a low, only soared higher?”

It surely was a pity to even have thought letting go was so easy. It clearly wasn’t. A dream that had secretly accompanied me for years now (I honestly don’t remember when it met me for the first time), how on earth can I abandon it, just for some petty people who think I can’t fly?

It made me jump up from sleep, startled I could even dream something so far (or so it seemed), it made me blush in a weary irritated crowd of 9-5 employees, and funny how they’d inspect me head to toe, hissing, “Kids these days! So dreamy in love. Face the reality, beta, and you’ll know what life is”.

I knew how exactly to hide those dream clouds, under my pillow every morning and put on the heavy bag of responsibilities and strut forward. It amazed me, on some weekends, when I tried to rinse my bag, once in a while, to see I carried these rubbishes with so much (fake) delight.

“It’s a shame”, they said. How can you dare to dream? Dreams?? What are they supposed to do? Does it feed you? Keep you warm? Run a family? What about the clock ticking and you inching towards death?

People I tell you!

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Book review- (The Bookshop on the Corner) by J. Colgan


Book 10 of 2020
‘The bookshop on the Corner’ – Jenny Colgan😍

A novel about a book lover. Isn’t that reason enough to read this book? If not, here are some more ways I can persuade you:💖
*The beauty with which Scotland has become quite a character in the story
*Ideal job every book lover can think of (Nina quits her job to go sell books in a moving van ~ The little bus of Happy ever after)
*About chasing dreams and choosing happiness over comfort
*Child neglect and having real convos among your family
*The beauty hidden in countryside life and their job, be it the Midsummer Night’s party, or the small community building, or the birthing of lambs
*Romance, a lot of it, and of course heartbreaks and then more romance
*Puppy love versus real love
*How technology forces us to give up on books
*Female friendship
*The healing power of a good book
** The couple is the highlight of the novel
I refuse to give anymore spoilers, now go please add it to your TBR💟👌💞💁
Narration by Lucy Price-Lewis was incredible

P.S. This time I thought of giving a mini at-a glance review. Shorter blogs are always better, isn’t it?

The Art of Busy-ness


A busy person is a myth.

You will always make time for the things you’ll want to.

It is all about the desire, the passion and the love you have for someone or something, and never really the amount of work or other chores that keeps you away.

We create this huge illusion of ourselves of being ‘busy’. We tell this to ourselves, we tell this to others, and in turn, form a mirage of this business. But what really is being busy? Is ‘busy’ a good place to be? It might be really cool to be busy, but how much does it really offer to your growth and progress?

Busy is just a blanket of lies we whirl around us, and what we use to distract ourselves from the path that could have led us to pure joy and unlimited happiness, something from the ignorance to enlightenment.

How wonderful it is to give your time of life to things which bring you pure happiness, and have the ability to even pull you out of the darkest of holes you dug for yourself?!

 Sometimes, we are afraid to face our fears, our feelings, our vulnerabilities. Some people are even afraid to be happy really, because they associate it with a forewarning of sadness. And in that vicious cycle, we try to keep ourselves busy, to force ourselves to believe that we do not have the time for silly things, for unimportant things, for creative things. But honestly, things that made you gleefully happy as a child, things that once started you can spend hours together on it, things that matter for you, or people who are really close to your heart—- no matter what others may think of these, but they can’t be a waste of time for you.

And that is all that matters. I am so excited often to spend time simply reading something, to search up doodling ideas on Pinterest, to write something on the blog. I love learning new language skills on Duolingo, I love to do yoga, I love to journal, and I love to research about spirituality and how the Universe works. I love spending hours on a History topic, I love making myself a cup of great tea or coffee. I love spending time alone. I love spending time with my close people. I love nature, and I love walking fast.

These are the really unique things, that make me, ME. And I am super proud of them. And no matter how much busy I get, or so do I believe, I am always going to make time for these things, those people in my life.

Shapes (#Tiny Tales)

Tiny Tales

When someone or something is gone from your frame of life, their shape remains. It is a template no one can fill. Maybe with time our bodies move and adjust, our lives stitch up the gaps, we heal from experiences but the scars remain. Mindful, very mindful. Mindful enough to take you back to thousands of memories with only an accidental brush of the scar.

And you realize, you are never the same again, before the shape was added and after the shape faded.

Book review – Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine (Gail Honeyman)


Winner of the Costa Debut Novel Award, and nominees of multiple other prestigious awards, this romantic and psychological fiction is something that keeps you hooked on, even after it’s over.

Narrator Cathleen McCarron (on Storytel) is simply the icing on the cake I didn’t know I needed. Her voice actually made me feel I was Eleanor, specially whenever she had a dialogue with someone. (Yes, it won the Best Fiction Audiobook award in 2018)

A fine concoction of humour, happiness, sorrow, love, loss, friendship, anxiety—it has everything one experiences in a lifetime.

Eleanor is someone who has every minute of her time blocked in routines, and minimal human interaction. But strangely, her way of life is not boring. She is not a victim. She doesn’t pity on herself and nor will you. And then her life changes. But you will always find yourself rooting for her, because she is a part of you, on the dark days, on the courageous days, when you are blind in love, and when you move on in life.

There are 5 reasons why this book deserves a read:

  • It talks about living without social interaction, and hugely upholds the case of mental health which deserves five stars
  • Eleanor is hilarious
  • Raymond Gibbons is another interesting character. He is quite an opposite to what our Eleanor is, but the way he changes her life, it made me wish I had a Raymond too!
  • The book cover with a house made of burnt matchsticks, I believe speaks a lot more than it seems.
  • There is not one thing I disliked about the book, and me being a picky person, this is huge!

You should definitely get your hands on this novel and I promise you won’t regret.

Who are you when no one’s watching?


Passion and consistency drives success. Passionate consistency drives the reality.

“When you want something with all your heart, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

~Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

That is the law of nature. Often times, we end up attracting something bad because we obsess about fear so much that the Universe, that understands only the energies you radiate, think that you might be wanting those fearful events in your life. So be careful about your thoughts. Be careful about your words. Be careful about what you are obsessing over.

Simply wanting something, however won’t be enough. You also have to work towards it. You need to give your best shot, work hard, extremely hard, work when no one is watching, and that is what will make dreams come true. 

Who are you, when no one is watching? The person that you really are, is the one that works in silence. This is not the person you pretend to be publicly only to earn credit, but it is you, when alone, what you believe to be success, to be happy and to make your dreams come true. It is important you know who you are, and the Universe knows who you want to be. And it is of utmost insignificance of who the world thinks you are.

Your job is not to fit the criteria of the society, because if you start to fulfill those, at the end you will lose the person you were born as. You would lose track of the inner magic you possess, and even after all that damage is done, the society will still not tire to point at some mistake of yours. Because, either ways you behave, you cannot be perfect.

Behave like the person you wish to become, be the person whose life you want to live, and the Universe will grant it to you.

“Like so many things, it is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts.”

~ Merchant (Aladdin)

Hello reader, let me know your thoughts about this. Do you believe in Universe and energies or are you a firm believer of God?

Book review- What I know for Sure (Oprah Winfrey)


Oprah Gail Winfrey is surely the star with the hallow behind her head. The book however, isn’t as extraordinary as she is.

Given that, this is a collection of the column “what I know for sure” that she has been writing in the “O” magazine for 18 years, it is understandable why the content gets a bit repetitive at times.

Surely, there is a lot of guaranteed advice that she gives on any topic ranging from career, courage, community, self -care and parenthood, even politics—but there is nothing very new about what she tells.

As a person who has gone through a lot of self-help books, sometimes it is a curse because you already know what the “quote” is going to be.

Adding to that, is a long candid story every time leading up to the main punchline- “what I know for sure, is…”

The experiences she shared are majorly not relatable. Her life, though was once ordinary and simple, isn’t anymore the same. No matter how much she wants us to connect, our simple pleasures and aha moments doesn’t match hers.

I listened to the audio book on Storytel.

Another mistake probably. I have never been a crazy fan of hers, and yes, to me, her overly expressive storytelling was intimidating sometimes. I might anger a fan of hers maybe, but no shame in admitting sometimes she shouted a lot, and sometimes whispered a lot. Both of which were disturbing for a non-fiction audiobook.

But maybe you should try it, because:

  • The audio book is read by Oprah herself (in case she ever inspired you)
  • There is advice on every possible topic you can think of
  • It’s a short read

Have you read this book? What books would you like a review on? Let’s talk books!


Love & Logic

I’ve been thinking for a while

About all the ways to talk to you

And it hasn’t gotten any easier

Since the day I last met you

Thousand of words flowing through my veins

My throat and my brain’s

Middle lobe, side lobe and front lobe too

But the timing just hasn’t been right

And I have been wondering now for a while

I left the keys to the cabinet in your pockets

It’s a stinking place I don’t want to return yet don’t want to leave.

Darling, tell me is that you?

Why is this wisp of snowflakes heaped up between us?

It is only sad that we can see through

Yet not touch

Yet not talk a word.

Top 5 Non-fiction Books to read during Lockdown (TBR 2020)


If you are a book lover and a sucker for non-fiction genres, I know you might have gorged on several such great books already during this lockdown. But if you are confused about what to read next, here I am, with my top 5 non fiction book suggestions for you. All of the books have been chosen keeping the current scenario in mind, and how to make the healthiest and productive way out of this pandemic.

You can buy physical books from Amazon, or e-books from any website your use. I am hooked to audio books from Storytel, so here’s presenting my top 5 of 2020 TBR Pile.

1. Everything is f*cked, A book about hopeMark Manson

Trust me, this is the best book you can get your hands on during this period of anxiety, where we all are struggling with hopelessness. The author is known to call out the truth without an icing, and that honestly helps.

2. IkigaiAlbert Lieberman & Hector Garcia

What better way to utilize this infinite time we have to discover our Ikigai than now? If you don’t know yet, this is an ancient Japanese method of discovering your life’s purpose, so that you can lead a life you never need to retire from. Basically, a road to life long happiness!

3. You can heal your LifeLouise Hay

We complain about a lot in life- job, emotional pain, physical pain, chronic diseases, but hey, did you know all that is self-created? And the good news is that you can heal from that without any external medication, or just a random life hack. Read this amazing book by L.Hay and maybe this book will change your life too.

4. Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert

You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to call yourself a creative being, it is rather a way of life. Every job we do can be performed with the most creative passion if wanted. But yes, if you are into creative fields, this will help you to soar above all your blocks, your shame and insecurities as a creator.

5. Deep WorkCal Newport

The internet is literally controlling our lives, and only we can take back the remote controls and rather use the net in a wiser way. This book is perfect to let you have the extra hours we all dream of, to get anything that we have been meaning to, but think don’t have time for.

Keep reading & expanding. Let me know your suggestions too.